Friday, November 7, 2008

"Master of Anatomy"? Is that some First Aid skill?

After realizing my noobish mistake*, I took Cawti (human rogue Cawti, not Blood Elf pally Cawty) back to Stormwind to catch the boat to Auberdine and on to Bloodmyst. I was starting to run around killing things, and skinning them while I was at it, when all of a sudden I get a message that I discovered "Master of Anatomy (Rank 1)". So now I have a slightly better crit rating thanks to my leet skinning skills. Got me wondering what the other professions had, until I got another message for discovering Toughness. While it's not as good as the talent, it's still a nice "freebie". Of course, that means Herbalism should also get something, and it did - Lifeblood. Seems pretty nice since, at least for the moment, it heals more than my bandages and doesn't require any cloth. Too bad I didn't know about it when picking professions... Still, no complaints. The copper is selling pretty well on the AH, and I'm even starting to get some tin and make bronze.

So now Cawti's sleeping at the inn, halfway through level 13. I'll probably get her to 16, when I can get the lockpicking quests, and then head back to SW temporarily to do that and maybe catch some Deadmines runs. As always, time will tell if that plan actually works out.

Also, with all the "excitement" of playing Cawti, I didn't get to do dailies last night. You know what? It doesn't bother me too much. It's nice to know I am not enslaved by the race for more gold (at least not yet).

* Hey, when I passed through SW I saw someone else who was just as surprised/confused as me about it.


Cynra said...

Regarding the name Cawti, I have but on question to ask: fan of Steven Brust?

It would be amazing if you were! He's part of the reason why I had such an interest in my Hungarian heritage as a kid, which eventually led to an interest in the language, which is why all of my character's currently possess Hungarian names! I'm clearly amused.

Tal said...

Yes, indeed. That's where the name came from and why she's a rogue (pally version not withstanding /wink). Alierah is also ("Aliera" was taken so I added an 'h' at the end). I actually thought about rolling the entire set of characters from the Taltos series once, but realized I wouldn't actually play them.
It was fun trying to figure out which races to use for "Humans" and Dragaerans and which classes to make each of the characters, though.

Esdras said...

I like these little boosts they should have one for all proffessions IMO.

Tal said...

They were definitely a pleasant surprise... I don't know about adding one for every profession, though. Crafting professions have plenty of rewards that gathering professions don't - BoP recipes and items that require the crafting profession to use.