Monday, December 22, 2008

Now what?

I don't know if it's related to not posting for a while, being busy, or what, but I'm having a really hard time finding things to post about. Well, that's not entirely true - I have lots of ideas, but they all seem too small to justify a post all by themselves. Thing is, with Christmas and New Year's, over the next couple of weeks I've got a vacation in Guam (sun and sea, yay!), a ski trip (snow and ski, yay!) and probably a business trip to China, so that means that even though things at work are finally getting less stressed, I still won't have time for anything. BUT... I'm going to go ahead and make myself post about stuff, even if it is only so I can say I posted something and try to get over it. You have my apologies for all the half-baked boring posts that will probably follow.

So why not start my "half-posts" with what happened over the weekend? My DK dinged 70 in Nagrand and went on to clear Blade's Edge. I must say playing an OP class is a lot of fun - there's hardly anyone else out there except for me, but since I can pretty much solo every quest* without help that's not a problem. I'll probably do Area 52 and Shadowmoon Valley too before going out to Northrend since I haven't quested in either of them, so it should be fun. I did get a chance to go to Northrend, though - I hopped on a boat at 68 to go train my trade skills. Can't say I had a chance to actually enjoy the place, though. I'll do that when I finish with Outland.

* OK, so I didn't try Durn... And I had a group for the Ring of Blood. There's a limit to even what a Death Knight can do. I think.


David said...

Do you work for a university? Your job sounds suspiciously like my last one where I traveled to China about 6 times a year to interview and recruit students. Tiring, but fun.

The beauty of a blog is that a post can be short, long, however you want. I always just write what's on my mind before work starts for the day (often I end up continuing writing when I should begin working!)

I'm looking forward to doing some DK leveling in the near future - any tips for speccing? I've only tried blood so far.

Tal said...

No, not a university, just a little software company. But yeah, too many business trips for my liking...

I'm leveling Unholy for now - no time limit on the ghoul is very useful and I like the better AoE of Unholy. Hmm, maybe I should post about my spec... That could even turn out to be a "serious" post. :)

Esdras said...

Thanks for the blog my problem is finding a decent build and rotation.