Friday, December 12, 2008

Trading in my Holy Priest for an Unholy Death Knight

So, yeah... Busy, have I mentioned that? I'm hoping things will ease up sometime next week. Anyway, in the meantime I did get a little time to play, so I might as well blog about it.

First, it seems like I pretty much abandoned Alierah (the priest) in favor of Alierah (the DK). I tried, I really did. But when every time I tried logging on to her, I could never seem to make up my mind as to what it is I should be doing next, so I relogged on my DK.
I guess that means I should fill you in a little about her, so let's start with the basics. She's human (can't beat Diplomacy), miner/herbalist and she's 64 already (no matter what the armory says). After finishing up the Death Knight starter zone*, I quested in EPL until 60 and then went on to level my gathering professions (and getting the some exploration achievements while I'm at it). From there it was on to Hellfire Peninsula, which seems to be infested with Death Knights (not that that's surprising really), and is now sitting in Tereldor waiting to keep going in Zangarmarsh.
In case you're wondering, yes, DKs are ridiculously fun to play (read: OP). I could solo all the group quests in Hellfire without dying or using a potion. I did, however, use up 1 Bone Dust when my ghoul accidentally died one time.

In other (more ammusing) news, I've had a fairly ammusing "encounter" one of these days. I was questing around minding my own business, when there was there was another DK on the same "kill X mobs" quest as me. So we group up - makes sense, no? And then she had to share this very appropriate and relevant piece of information:

Now, I ask you, WTF? I mean, not that talking about that kind of thing bothers me or anything, but seriously, I've never seen you in my life, I dont know you**, why do you feel the need to tell me something like that? You don't see me going around advertising that I'm cranky 'cause I can't get it up, do you?

Anyways, that's what I've been up to lately. How about you? Anything interesting?

* Which is really great fun, and very nice story-wise. Highly recommended for everyone, even if you don't plan on ever logging on to your DK again in his/her life.

** Not entirely true. About 15 minutes before we met, she was crying in general in all caps that some quest or another was bugged. She didn't take it very nicely when I said there's a known issue where you can't complete the quest with you caps lock turned on... Well, sorry, I was only trying to be helpful, sheesh.


David said...

I'm glad she added 'in real life' or else I wouldn't have realized she was just a hardcore rp'er.

I like that caps lock joke, I'll use it next time someone starts spamming a chat channel like that ;)

Esdras said...

Ive been playing my alts this weekend too but could never swap my priest TBH.

Anonymous said...

I have to assume with everything you've said, that it's not a "woman on her period" but a very bored and strange 14 year old boy wanting attention (ex: all caps, etc.)

Even when I first uh, experienced that, I would have never informed anyone about it online. It's just pointless lol

Tal said...

@Esdras: Who knows, I might go back to the priest at some point. Or start another one... I mean, it's what I've been doing for the past couple of years, so why stop now?

@One: I don't know... Whether it's a guy or actually a girl, I just can't see the point of saying something like that. Also, to be fair, before we split up the party she apologized for the caps thing - 14 year olds rarely do that (unless they're trying to get something from you)