Friday, March 13, 2009

Meeting old friends

Although I'm still having a lot of fun with Cawti and her odd spec*, I was looking for something 'different' to do last night and I logged on to Dorni. Dorni, my dwarven warrior was my very first (and only) toon to make it to 60 before BC, who was abandoned when I stopped playing WoW.

Having stopped playing him (and WoW) a little after BC came out, he was sitting with 2 bubbles into level 60 in Honor Hold, waiting for me to take him out for a ride. So I logged on, and started trying to arrange things so I could actually play. Let's just say it was a bit of a shock to see how noobish I was back then.

First step was, of course, respeccing. There have been several talent point refunds since Dorni was left by the wayside, so I had to figure out how to spec into trees that by now I don't know at all. Dorni always was a Protection warrior**, so that's what I went with this time around as well. However, unlike before where I actually put all 51 talent points in Protection***, I have 5 points in Arms and 8 in Fury this time around.

So, with that done I went to the trainer to make sure there weren't any spells I'd have to learn, and started to mess around with my action bars. One button that was suspiciously missing from them was the First Aid button. A quick look at my skills pane showed the reason - I never trained it***. So, it was off to the AH to get cloth for bandages.

Next, I went to check up on my bank and while there were no surprises there, I had to open my character screen to equip a gun (don't ask me what it was doing in the bank instead of on me. I did have ammo in my bags, at least) and got a chance to look at what I was wearing. While most of the gear is OK (and I use that term very very loosely), there were some things that stood out***:
Well, at least if I'd considered a career change to be a pally, I already had some nice gear... /sigh

At that point I sort of called it a night, and I still haven't actually set my action bars properly. Good thing there's a weekend coming up.

* There may or may not be a post about it at some point. If it's that interesting you can go look at her armory page.

** Yes, I leveled a Protection warrior all the way to 60 back when they did slightly less DPS than non-combat pets. Guess I'm a glutton for punishment.

*** Noob, did I mention that?

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Sarkoth77 said...

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