Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ooh! Ooh! Dual specs! Gimme a break

Wow, 2 posts in the same day? What's that all about? Well, I'll make this short so it doesn't really count.

So yeah, we've all heard by now that Blizz are finally giving us dual-specs. Yay! We're all very happy. Really, me too. But really - pretty much all the interesting insights regarding this can be summed up in one paragraph:

Some people will have PvP/PvE combos, some will have solo/PvE (or solo/PvP) combos, and some will have PvE/PvE combos. For certain classes and combos, you'll have to have 2 different armor sets. And... That about does it.

But no, the people at WoW Insider* apparently found it worth their and their readers' time to write a whole article in each and every one of their class columns. Uhmm, really? Is there really such a big difference between the effect it will have on rogues or on mages? Is there really a point in starting to go over all the specs we all know for the class that work for different situation and spell out what combining them will achieve? (If you combine a Feral 0/256/39 tanking spec with a Resto -2/74/8 healing spec, you'll be able to tank and heal. Amazing, I bet no one would have thought of that).

Seriously, what a waste of bits...

* Which I like reading, don't get me wrong. I wouldn't have noticed this whole thing, otherwise.


Esdras said...

I myself have done a post on it but i must admit it is getting to be everywhere you turn.

I just wish they would do it and be done with it.

Tal said...

OK, let me clarify that... On a blog, go ahead and post whatever you want. If people care about reading that I went on an instance run last night, they'll probably also be interested in what I'm planning to do with dual-specs.
But WI is *not* a blog. The class columns are supposed to be helpful and informative - and when it comes to this subject they fail miserably.

Typhoonandrew said...

Last I read the dual spec thing is for 80s only. Which makes me think its a good feature, but really not thought out. What about those who level, or those who have alts?