Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rogues are fun

Apparently, sometimes doing things that might be considered stupid can be really enjoyable (some might say, they are especially so). So despite having "decided" that my first order of business should be getting the heirloom shoulders for the XP bonus, I picked up Cawti (my rogue) and messed around Azeroth for a while. I did some questing, then got a group for Gnomer and BFD, dinged 30 so I could get my Pinto, and finished up with soloing some of the quests I had left in Gnomer. All in all, it was quite a lot of fun.

Funny thing is, I didn't enjoy the DPS part in the instance that much - it's pretty repetitive and uninteresting. What was, actually, great was the occcasional CC and playing a bodyguard for our healer. If the tank lost aggro on one of the mobs that, obviously, went after the healer, a quick Backstab (or 2) coupled with Evasion took the heat off her and gave the tank some time to re-establish aggro.

At some point, I think I also got PAlierah to 77 and flying again. Now I just need to sell all the enchanting mats I have so I could get her the epic flyer.


Esdras said...


Hahahaha only joking, after the amount of pvping i been doing lately they are still the kings and anyone who says rogues need some love need a slap imo.

David said...

I have a rogue, level 71 at the moment, and the sole reason I have him is to log on with a friend, also with a rogue, and hunt down and gank people. Its fun to follow a person or group in stealth, plan an attack, then strike and /dance on their corpses. We are the slowest leveling pair in the universe, but we have so many laugh out loud moments and close calls its a real enjoyable break from my usual game (plus I get to gank people after years of being ganked myself on my many characters).

lukeg28 said...

I had a rogue that i was leveling and i personally got so bored of them, and pVp there not even that great either just my 2 cents.

from luke @ www.the-warcraft-review.com

Slicah said...

I must disagree, I only like pvp on my rogue. She is sneaky and terrifying!