Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Yes, it finally happened - Alierah dinged 70. I finished up the quests in Nagrand with around 2 bars left to make it to 70 and didn't feel like starting a whole new zone, so instead I went trick or treating. It started with Outland, going to get all the flight points I haven't been to and continued with Kalimdor. So not only did I get the achievement and lots of candy, but now I'm probably one of the only people in the world to ding 70 in the barrens (Camp Taurajo, to be exact). That makes her my first 70 ever, second to reach the level cap (after Dorni dinging 60 pre-BC) and my 3rd in Outland.

Now, the question is "what do I do next?", as suddenly it feels like there's too much to choose from - not only is there all the level 70 content, but I have Hallow's End and the scourge invasion to take into account. Last night I finished trick or treating, respecced, went to a BG (Arathi Basin for the daily), did one SSO daily in Nagrand and was whispered by someone who was organizing a raid on Darnassus. Having never raided a capital city I decided to go for it, although it was a little disappointing. I don't know if Tyrande and the other faction leaders were balanced for level 80, or if it's just because we made a complete mess, but we wiped miserably. Twice. That was enough for most people, including me, so I left the group and went to explore Teldrassil*. Then I hearthed back, worked on my Enchanting and Tailoring for a while and called it a night. You'll notice I didn't even have time to go get my flying mount anywhere in there, but I was overwhelmed by everything I had to do and wasn't thinking straight - I'll get it first thing today.

The Spec

Finally reaching 70, I had already decided I'd respec to a more healing-oriented build. I still have a lot of solo content to see, so solo viability is important too, but I'll probably get a lot more chances to heal now (whether in BGs or instances). Instead of going with a deep Holy build, I decided to go with a 25/33/3 Disc-Holy hybrid that will hopefully give me a good balance between soloing and healing. The basic idea was to get Improved Divine Spirit in Discipline, Spirit Tap in Shadow and then go down the Holy tree, preferably with talents that affect my DPS as well as my healing. It's going to take a while to get used to this it - whether I'm healing or soloing, I have to get used to Inner Focus, to watch out for Surge of Light or Holy Concentration proccing, and just generally finding out what works and what doesn't. But hey, that's part of the fun.

So, now what? I have a lot to do with Alierah, and hopefully I'll stick to her for a while, but I also want to finally level a Rogue past its 20s. If I do, it'll probably be human - there are oh so many factions in the world, that the Diplomacy racial just gets more and more valuable. But we'll see... For now I think I have enough new toys to play with with Alierah.

* Well, I was already there, not exploring it would have been silly. If I ever decide to go for the world exploration achievements, that takes care of the most hard to reach zone on the map.


David said...

Congratulations! It brings back memories of my first 60 ding back in February 2005. I had just moved to Japan with no computer yet, and spent an hour re-installing WoW onto a net cafe PC and downloading the patches. Then I logged on and 2 hours later dinged 60 by killing a furbolg in Winterspring.

Have fun at 70, and go for the flying mount! It's way fun!

Tal said...

Wow, dinging at a net cafe - that's impressive.

Anyway, flying mount will be had later tonight (assuming servers actually work after maintenance). And thanks. =)

Gevlon said...


To get some good gear quickly I would suggest to kill the Headless horseman and collect some Necrotic Runes from Scourge Invaders, that you can spend for gear in the Argent Dawn Shop. Both are pretty easy compared to the gear they give!

Gaming Diva said...

Hey! Congrats on dinging 70 I think Holiterra will reach that milestone sometime next weeks if I keep playing her like I have been. I'm looking forward to it I've had a lot of fun leveling my priest and have met some fabulous people along the way. I'm looking forward to end game and exploring the continent, as a 70, with my old and new buddies. :-)

Tal said...

I got the 2 caster rings from the Headless Horseman, so that's taken care of. As for the scourge invasion, the one time I tried to find the scourge all the mobs alternated between being bugged (evading) and then all of a sudden an entire mob of 20 undead started chasing me. After dying 3 times without killing any zombies I gave up...

Good luck with Holiterra, although it doesn't seem like you'll need it - looks like you're getting to 70 really fast. =)

Anonymous said...
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