Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just. A little. More.

I didn't have a lot of time to play these past couple of days, but I pretty much finished with Terokkar and moved on to Nagrand. Man, that place is beautiful. First time I've ever gone there, and I think I'm really going to enjoy questing there (even if I do have to kill 30 of every mob type for Nessingwary and his friends). While I was running around slaughtering the local wildlife, I got a whisper asking if I want to heal the Ring of Blood quests, and after hearing about them so many times I gladly accepted. Still, just hearing the name doesn't mean I knew anything about what was going on, but the rest of the group were very understanding and gentle for my first time. =)

The quests themselves involve a series of 6 fights, 1 fight per quest, each giving around 17,500xp and 11 gold and earning a bunch of potions, bandages and a blue weapon to wrap it up. All in all, very nice for 10 minutes' work. The only complaint I have about these quests is that out of 6 weapons to choose from, not 1 has any spirit on it.

I mean, really... Is there a spirit deficit in Outland or something? The last time I had a quest reward with spirit on it seems like a distant dream, with all the items supposedly meant for healers getting mp5 instead. Don't get me wrong, mp5 is very nice, but not at the expense of spirit - especially if you go to the trouble of speccing into Meditation. Most of the items I get now give me more mana, health, damage and/or crit, but even if they have mp5 it's usually less than what I would get from my spirit gear. Even if it does give slightly more mp5, it still gimps my non-casting mana regen and as a result how much use I get out of Spirit Tap*.

I donno, I'm not really sure what to do about this whole thing... If this keeps up, I might follow in Cynra's footsteps and respec Discipline. Respeccing is fine, as long as I don't "break" and reroll.

* Speaking of Spirit Tap, what happens when you hit 70? Since killing doesn't give XP, it seems like this talent becomes useless for PvE, but there's still a lot of solo questing to be done. That seems like a big problem, potentially...


Gaming Diva said...

I'm ditching spirit tap when I hit level 70. I'll be switching over to a raid spec. Congrats on making it this far your priest is doing well.
I'm looking forward to the Ring of Blood quest I see that in the Looking For Group channel all the time and they always are looking for healers on my server.

Anonymous said...

At 70, Spirit Tap procs off any killing blow that would have earned you XP if you weren't level-capped. So any mob that doesn't con grey.

As far as raid-spec goes, the new and improved Spirit Tap works very well for extra mana regen if you're staying Shadow.

Tal said...

Have fun with the Ring of Blood quests. It should be a piece of cake for you if you have a proper party - I only ran OOM on the last fight when the boss died and except for me the entire group was 65 (lowest you can get the quests), so as Holy it shouldn't give you too much trouble.

If Spirit Tap still works at 70 I might consider keeping it. I'm not too worried about raid spec, though. With the time difference between me and the server, I can't really commit to a raiding schedule.