Friday, October 10, 2008

Healing set? HA!

Despite the fact that I chose the "easy" way to level Alierah and went Shadow with her (despite the recent forays into Discipline), I get quite a few chances to take her to instances and heal. And I'm enjoying it, too*. And, as anyone playing a healing class will tell you, you need a healing set**.

So like a good little girl, Alierah's been collecting lots of equipment with +heal on it and using it when healing. So, yeah, it definitely makes my heals bigger, but it also has a lot less Spirit than my usual soloing gear. That basically means I have to heal a little less (heals are bigger, so I don't need as many of them), but I hardly regenerate any mana during the "down time" in fights. So instead of having 10 seconds of downtime with good mana regen, I have longer to rest between heals but regenerating a lot less mana. I mean, I suppose if I was healing non-stop and couldn't keep up with the damage the tank was taking, but that's far from being the case...

I noticed this when I forgot to switch out of my soloing gear on a BRD run. While I've been starting to have trouble healing in my +heal heavy set, doing it with tons of spirit was a piece of cake. So yeah, instead of healing for 1600 with Greater Heal, I only healed for 1500. Does anyone really think that makes that much of a difference?

So that decides it for me - no more healing set. I'm sure my bags will thank me.

* Still, due to the time difference, I spend most of my time soloing so I don't plan on going Holy any time soon.

** Yes, I know that's precisely the reason Blizz are turning +heal and +spell damage to one stat. I don't have that much spell damage either.


Gaming Diva said...

My mana regeneration is at 144 at the moment. I think my spirit is at 154 bonus healing is 140, bonus damage is 109. I do have healing pants that would put me close to 200 healing bonus and close to 130 bonus damage but that would gimp me too much.
Oh you can definitely solo as a holy priest. The only time I group is when I'm in an instance.

I sunk points in Holy Specialization, Divine Fury, Searing Light, Holy Reach, and Spiritual Guidance under the holy tree which increases my soloing capabilities and packs a nasty punch to my damaging spells. Naturally when I get higher I'll be changing the talent tree around.

Interestingly enough my holy priest is one of the fastest classes I've leveled.

Tal said...

I'm not saying you can't level as holy. Of course you can, and I can probably think of worse things to level than a holy priest (my pre-BC protection warrior comes to mind). Still, if I'm going to spend most of my time alone I'd rather spec for that, and even though I am shadow I can still heal instances with no problems.