Monday, August 18, 2008

Honey, I'm hooome

It's been a while, but I'm finally back. I won't waste your time with stories of my vacation - let's just say there were atomic bombs, ghosts playing with fireworks, free ice-cream and eating live squids, and leave it at that. I even found some time to log in and run around Azeroth with Mokla yesterday, and with the time I had for random thoughts we have quite a bit to cover today so let's get started.


So I've had the Nostromo for a while, and it really is very nice. I've been using it with a mage, a rogue and a warrior, and for the most part I'm using mappings very similar to the ones I talked about here. I'm now using one "color" map for all the action bar hotkeys with a modifier, so I can easily use a modifier in macros (like my Polymorph or Pyroblast/Fireball macros), but the rest is unchanged. However, I really dislike having to switch stances using the mouse, and not really sure what to do about it. I'll keep thinking about it, and you'll be the first to know if I come up with something. Or, if you have any idea, feel free to let me know...

Breaking The Habit

I had recently been giving some though to whether or not I was getting addicted to WoW, and that maybe I should stop. On the one hand, during these past 2 weeks I really didn't feel bad about not being able to play, so I really could stop if I wanted to. So I'm not addicted, yay! On the other hand, if I can stop so easily, then why don't I? I mean, WoW isn't free, and I know my girlfriend doesn't like it when I play too long (the definition of "too long" is entirely arbitrary and depends on her mood, of course), so quitting won't hurt. But I do enjoy the game, and why stop doing something I enjoy? So I've sort of decided that I'll keep on playing, but only as long as I don't start changing plans to fit my WoW time. Good thing I spend most of my time soloing, so I don't owe anyone any explanations on why I didn't make that raid. *grins*


While I was playing last night, WoW suddenly decided to freeze. I was alt+tabbing in and out chatting with people, as is my habit, when suddenly switching into WoW just didn't work. Closed it, started it again and couldn't get to the actual game - I logged in just fine, but after choosing a character and getting through the loading screen something strange would happen and I couldn't play. So I tried the repair tool (which takes ages to run, BTW) and it had an option to "Reset World of Warcraft third party custom interfaces". Choosing that deleted all my addons, alhough it did leave their settings intact. How odd. Good thing I had done the UI post recently, so I could just check it to see which addons to download... Oh, and just in case you're curious - no, the repair tool didn't work. What happened was probably a problem with the display drivers stopping to work properly, which was solved by a simple reboot. Why couldn't I think of that before deleting all my addons? *sigh*

New PC

I need to get a new PC for work and, luckily, it has to be a fairly strong piece of hardware (well, lots of pieces, but OK). All I have to do is get a good graphics card on it and I'll be able to enjoy WoW with all the eye-candy I could ever hope for and at decent frame-rates. Yay, me!
Also, since I am getting another PC, and Blizzard have the Recruit-a-friend thing going, I figured it might be cool to dual-box. That, however, doesn't look like it's going to happen since, for some reason, accounts from Israel don't seem to qualify for this. So, other than having less people join and give Blizzard more money, what exactly is the point of this?

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