Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why Is This Library Full of Crazy People Instead of Books!?

I was out with Mokla, hunting local wildlife for Nessingwary out in Stranglethorn Vale, when I got an invitation to go do some reading in the Scarlet Monastery. The group got set up fairly quickly with me, another warrior (tanking), a paladin healer, and a hunter and shaman for more DPS. At first it went OK (as in, we didn't die), but there were way too many runners, adds, mobs heading for the hunter and the healer, and just general mayhem. I did my best to Hamstring and pick up the slack when mobs headed for our not-so-squishy healer, and we got the first boss with practically no problems.

After that, though, it all went downhill. It started with some deaths, and deteriorated into 2 wipes as we were going through the corridor and big room leading up to the final boss. At the second wipe, we tried running out, only to find respawns blocking our way from the courtyard. The other warrior got disconnected (convenient timing, there), so we figured we'd start over with me tanking. It went fairly well, with me barking orders at the shaman and hunter to stay back, wait for me to pull, and all those little things that would keep us from wiping again. We had no problems clearing our way to the courtyard, but then our healer disappeared... When she got the tag, we sort of gave up and went our ways.

All in all, it was a decent evening - I got new pants and cloak, and I had a chance to try out tanking with the Nostromo for the first time. Once I'd actually went through the hassle of rearranging my Defensive Stance action bar it felt pretty good, but at least part of that is that I didn't have to change stances. As I mentioned yesterday, I still haven't figured out a good way to switch stances with the Nostromo, so I guess I'll have to do my homework...

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