Friday, August 1, 2008

Who Said Posts Need Titles?

Just a quick update about Enara, my dungeon-crawler, today. I logged in, expecting to waste hours looking for a RFC group (not that there's much experience/loot for her there, just to be thorough), but was instead invited to do SFK after about 5 minutes' wait. 10 minutes after that, we had a full solid party (Priest healer, Pally tank, me, a Shammy and a Warlock DPSing). We promptly got the summonning, buffing and "vending machine duties" out of the way, and made our way in. Smooth run all the way, no one died, no one ninja'd anything, no one was an ass. Unforunately, having 3 clothies meant I didn't get much loot (the Feline Mantle went to the Priest and the Robes of Arugal went to the Warlock. Good for you, guys. *cheer*). I did get my Ghostly Mantle from the quest, though, so it wasn't a complete bust gear-wise.

Good thing my HS was set in Orgrimmar, making me run to out of the instance and to the Sepulcher to hand in quests - I forgot to get The Book of Ur for the quest from Undercity on our way in. So, bottom line, all 3 quests were done, I had got new shoulders and dinged 22. One problem I have noticed, though, was that in SFK where the battles are a little "messier" than my previous RFC runs, I was really missing my "assist" button on the Nostromo. For now, I mapped it where "Tab" used to be, but I can't keep changing between them, and I want my "Tab" too. So now I have some homework figuring out where to put it.

Oh, and another nice thing. With Flame Throwing 2/2, I didn't have to move one bit when Arugal teleported all around the room. That was nice, seeing everyone start to scramble around to get to him while blasting him with Fireballs.

After that, I went to hand in my quests, and quickly found an RFC group. That run was even more boring, burning through the instance in about 30 minutes. After doing all the turn-ins, I finally got Friendly with Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff (it was really strange hanging around Orgrimmar and seeing it teeming with "yellow" NPCs), and then called it a night.

Next up on the plate for her is WC, BFD, and probably a couple more SFK runs (there's some really nice cloth armor there, if I could actually get it). We'll see...

On a completely unrelated note, I seem to have problems "ending" my posts. Any suggestions?


Cynra said...

I have problems ending some of my posts, too. I think part of it comes from the fact that I always want to say more. I sometimes feel like I end a post because I run out of breath and not because I've actually reached an end.

Well, the infamous TJ seems to do exceedingly well with "Up Yours!" Maybe you could take a page from her book?

Tal said...

Hmm, that's a good idea. Although, between TJ's "Up Yours!" and BRK's "foshizzle", the good ones might be taken.
I'd use "badger", but that's usually reserved for how I start conversations, not end them, so it might be a bit odd.