Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nostromo, Part IV: Paladin Bindings

After a couple days' break, we're back to the Nostromo series, this time with how Cawti does it. For now, I use two different action bars with her depending on the situation - 1 for soloing/tanking and another one for healing. While I don't have any way of switching between those 2 bars using the Nostromo, I only really switch between them when starting or finishing an instance (if I'm healing it, which there's a good chance I'm not) so doing it with the keyboard is fine.

Healer Mode

For the healing bar, there isn't too much to say. My healing is mostly done using Holy Light: Rank 4, with Rank 3 and Flash of Light also making an appearance (although they are kind of useless - they just don't heal enough at this point to justify using them). So that almost fills up the center row of the Nostromo, which still leaves quite a lot open. So for now, I threw in some helpful stuff like Blessing of Protection, Purify and Divine Protection. I specifically don't have Lay on Hands there, after using it once by mistake and going OOM in the middle of a fight. And that's it - there just isn't anything else worth putting there. Well, maybe Turn Undead, although it's very situational and I dislike using fear in instances. I also gave a brief try to using the Nostromo for targeting the different party members, but that turned out to be way too confusing so I gave it up.

Solo/Tank Mode

Here we have more skills to play with, and it shows. The mappings here are a bit of a mess, although I did try to keep some order to it. The little finger was supposed to be for healing, so it has (from top to bottom) Flash of Light, Holy Light and Purify. The ring finger, originally was supposed to be for bubbling but I don't have room for Blessing of Protection anymore, so now it has Hammer of Justice, Divine Protection and Exorcism. Next finger doesn't really have any theme - it has Righteous Defense, Judgement, and my racial Mana Tap. Finally, the index finger has Seal of the Crusader, Seal of Righteousness and Consecration. As for my other skills, if they're not here, they're either in ClassButtons or my other action bars, and I click 'em with my mouse.

And that's it for Paladins and Nostromos for now. Expect the rest of my Nostromo mappings and some thoughts about playing a Paladin in the near future...

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