Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Deja Vu

I spent a large part of last night just running Cawti around Azeroth (well, her horse was running, at least) and getting some new flight-paths. Being my highest level Horde alt so far, there were quite a few places I've never been to before - Stonard, Kargath and Camp Mojache*, to name a few.

The last place I decided to go was Raventusk Village in the Hinterlands. I've always liked that area - most people seem to ignore it so it's usually pretty quiet, I like the scenery there, and there's some nice ore. So I landed in Tarren Mill, set forth up the path to the Hinterlands, remembered not to run into Aerie Keep**, and made my way to Raventusk. Finally, I reached the graveyard on the cliff, and went down the path to the beach. After trying to get a tan on my pale Blood Elf complexion (didn't work, BTW), I headed south to the outpost and suddenly had this overwhelming deja vu.

Except, I've never been there before. Ever. I can probably count the number of times I've been down to that beach on one hand, and never have I had any reason to go south towards the troll outpost. It wasn't till later, long after I had logged out for the night that it hit me - that scene, heading to an outpost on a beach, with the sea on my left and a towering cliff on my right brought back memories from Guild Wars (I tried to find a decent map of GW to find the name of the place I was thinking about, but couldn't, so I guess you're out of luck). So I got to reminisce a little about "the good old days", before I knew what grinding meant.

Actually getting to the village was a little anti-climactic, though. Although the area is "officially" for levels 40-50, at 42 I was too low for any of the quests and was surrounded by "silver" exclamation points***. Oh, well, it's all about the journey...

* That's if you don't count the numerous times I was riding through Feralas on an Alliance alt and missed the path going around it, running right into the guards and being introduced to their axes.

** Although, it is possible that being such a small place they still haven't heard about Blood Elf Paladins, and would have mistaken me for Alliance. Still, I wasn't in the mood for checking.

*** Silver my ass. It's no more silver than the usual quest marker is gold. It's just plain gray and yellow!

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