Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Some Days It Just Doesn't Pay To Get Out Of The Inn

Last night I logged in briefly hoping to do some catching up on my Blacksmithing. Horde blacksmiths have a quest chain in Orgrimmar (Barbaric Battlements, On Iron Pauldrons and Trampled Under Foot) which is pretty much where I was on my Blacksmithing so I figured I might as well go ahead and do them.

Having spent most of Cawti's money on skills and respeccing, I had to do my shopping with my banking alt, and trying to scavenge mats (like Medium Leather) from other alts. Usually, it's not really a problem, but I kept getting side-tracked and forgetting stuff - I logged onto Mokla to check if she has any Copper Ore or Medium Leather, but only remembered to send the leather. I logged onto my bank alt to get stuff from the AH, got the attachments from the mail and forgot to send it to Cawti. Thank god there isn't a 1-hour delay until mails with attachments arrive, but still logging on and off takes a lot of time and is really annoying.

And then, when I thought I finally had everything I needed I discovered I was missing 1 Copper Ore (and the AH only had full stacks). I mean, seriously, it's just 1 ore - can't I just borrow it? I'm good for it... But, no, they wouldn't go for it, so I had to run out of Orgrimmar and find a vein - more time down the drain.

Finally, after finishing all 3 quests (well, not actually finishing them - stupid things have a level requirement, so I just made all the items) I learned how to make the Green Iron Hauberk and was happy that I would be able to replace my Shining Silver Breastplate when I ding. But, surprise surprise, I forgot that you need a Green Leather Armor to make it. I checked the AH, but no luck there - I'm hoping to find it soon for a reasonable price.

Before logging off, I took a little time to try out my new spec. With Seal of Light and Blessing of Sanctuary, I can definitely see this working out although I've got some serious mana problems. I'll have to test it out some more before deciding, though.

And that's it for today. Stay tuned for, uhmm... stuff.

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