Monday, September 8, 2008

Random weekend happenings

Quite an eventful weekend, as far as WoW is concerned - I got Cawti through all the different parts of SM, pretty much cleared out all the quests in Desolace and Dustwallow Marsh, and dinged 40*. I also had a chance to set foot into WSG and we actually won. Imagine my surprise. Also, it was quite the educational weekend.

For starters, I noticed that my mount costs mana - not a lot, but still. In WSG when you're constantly mounting and dismounting chasing someone with a stupid flag it gets annoying. Not sure if it's worth forking over the cash for another mount, but annoying nonetheless.

Second, something that I found highly ammusing, but that will have no effect whatsoever on anyone's game - you can HS while eating/drinking. Not only that, you'll still be eating/drinking after you've been teleported to the inn (assuming there's still time left). I wonder if that was intentional.

Third, I learned quite a lot about this whole AoE thing. Especially that it can be really fun when you pull too many, or get too many adds, or runners bring in too many adds, or whatever, regardless of whether or not I actually survive the encounter.

Fourth, while possible that Murlocs aren't the brightest race in Azeroth, I really don't understand how out of a pile of 8 corpses, I only managed to find one head. On the same note, having dragons withhold their Searing Tongue, but drop a Forked Tongue is just plain ridiculous. How many different tongues do these things have?

Uhmm, whatever's next, I lost count already. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. If you're a Warrior who's geared in the finest AH blues available for your level, but still want me to tank for you, and then go on to Whirlwind your way through the instance with huge crits stealing aggro on every single mob, don't blame me when the healer dies. If you're an asshole to boot, it doesn't help. That, however, should not be reason enough to be an asshole myself and take it out on someone else (who, although in the same guild as said warrior, was nice and did nothing to deserve it). So, Cyzti, I'm sorry I didn't go to the Armory again with you guys to finish your quest. If you ever need a Pally for anything at all, give me call.

Got me some nice plate as quest rewards, but I'm still far from replacing everything. What's a good area to quest for some pieces, now that I've cleared Dustwallow? I'm not really sure. Guess I'll hit the other 35-45 zones (if there are any left) and try to find something.

I guess that's almost everything, so one final thought - things are actually going pretty well for Cawti right now, making me wonder if she's The One. Will I finally make it to 70? Will it be before WotLK? Who knows... I guess time will tell.

* Which is kind of anti-climactic now, with mounts being a level 30 thing.

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