Monday, September 1, 2008

So Soon? But I'm Not Ready Yet...

As I'm sure no one but me actually remembers, Cawti started out a Protection pally. Then, at some point in her 20s I decided to try out Retribution for a while until 30 or so. So far so good - I paid the 1g for the respec, and watched as things started dying faster. Also, doing quite a few instances, I've had a chance to tank and heal and I can do a pretty decent job of both - I guess the spec doesn't matter as much as gear for now, and I do have different sets for different occasions.

So first off, having done all these instances (a couple of SFKs, WC, BFD, RFK...) and the relevant quests I got some pretty neat gear, often long before I could actually use it. I had to wait 4 levels to use my Tusken Helm, and 5 to get the quest from the Small Scroll. I've also done some more Blacksmithing, and am now wearing Green Iron Leggings and Boots.

Most importantly, I'm now 30 which has a lot of implications. First, I can Summon Warhorse (although I'm still considering getting a Chocobo). Second, I have Divine Intervention - should come in very handy for using on my tanks. Finally, with Blessing of Light, I can probably do pretty well AoE grinding so it's time to switch back to Protection.

And that's where the dilemma starts - as we've all heard by now, patch 3.0 (pre-WotLK patch) is "coming soon". While the patch itself is not a big surprise, the fact that it's coming so soon is. And, going by past experience, I think it's pretty safe to assume we'll all be getting a free respec (since the new trees will be so radically different than the current ones). So why waste 5g for a respec that'll only last a couple of weeks? Not to mention that I don't even know if the AoE spec is still viable with the new talents*. Having known myself for, oh, at least 2 weeks, I can say I'll probably go ahead and respec anyway (despite common-sense suggesting I shouldn't), but I might just switch to playing another character for now, who knows?

* In case you haven't noticed the distinct lack of talking about WotLK around here, I don't go for all that Beta frenzy. I haven't even opted in to the beta, despite recurring mails reminding me that I can. I just prefer to play my games when they're ready instead of having to keep track of all the changes and dealing with all the bugs in Betas.

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