Saturday, January 10, 2009

Finally made it

Yup, the big eight-oh. Nothing fancy, just turning in one of the PvP dailies in Grizzly Hills, when I got the achievement and a little present in my mail.

So what now? I'd like to try tanking a little more seriously, but there's still a ton of "single player" content to see in Northrend which will be much slower if I'm tank-specced. Also, after going through the Wrathgate quest line, I sort of want to see it from the Horde side. And possibly Undead, if there's anything different from their perspective*.

Good thing I'm going skiing tomorrow. Won't have to decide till I come back. /grin

* Would be a real shame if there wasn't.


Gaming Diva said...

Congrats on making it to the big eight-oh!

I'm undecided whether I should level my hunter next (only 15 more levels) or my Feral Druid (55 more levels) you would think that choice would be obvious, but it's not. ;-)

Tal said...

I think it is pretty obvious - your Druid. =)
Level doesn't even go in the equation here. If you're having fun on your Druid (and judging by your recent posts, you are) then that's who you'll be playing.