Friday, January 16, 2009

Just running around

Well, much like when I just hit 70 on my priest, I'm finding it pretty hard to decide what I should be doing next. I respecced Frost for tanking, did some instances to gear up to heroics (going for defenst, mostly), but mostly I just wasted time flying around from one place to another and trying to figure out what's next.

So, yeah, nothing that exciting going on. I ran Oculus for the first time last night, and the whole drake thing was pretty fun to experience for the first time. I got 4 new upgrades (2 from quests, 2 drops), 3 of which will be going into my tanking set and one for DPS. All in all, a very nice run - nice people who knew their job, and the whole thing ended pretty quickly.

Then again, there are also runs like the one I had in Nexus earlier this week. Though it was after my respec, a 72 DK wanted to tank, which I didn't mind. We also had another DK DPS, so theoretically our DPS should have been crazy as between us we could have gotten SIX diseases on every mob*, except that in 90% of the cases the other 2 DKs didn't use their diseases. That's like being a rogue and not using your combo points - it's just plain stupid. After a few wipes, some people leaving/DCing and being replaced, and about 2.5 hours we were finally standing over Kerisrasza's corpse and I could turn in my quest for a new cloak.

The whole thing got me thinking a little... We all know PuGging is very much about luck. Get into a good group and everyone will have a good time. Get into a lousy one, and it'll be hell. The problem is, when you're in a bad group instances take much much longer, so you're in a situation where the good runs are over too quickly and you're wasting most of your time on bad runs.

Some people would say that it's in no small part my fault - I can always leave if the group isn't doing well and find another one. However, playing at an 8-hour time difference from the server means that even getting a group (assuming I intend to go to a specific instance) isn't that easy, and when you have a specific goal (like finally killing Keristrasza) things get complicated.

I know what you're thinking - the time difference thing can also be solved. I can get an account on an Oceanic server, but that would mean having to start from scratch for real and I just don't see myself doing that. If I think about it, it's kind of odd coming from an altaholic like me, but maybe not that odd. Now, even if I start a new alt on a brand new server, I still have the choice of logging on my DK for some level 80 fun, or my priest to go through the Horde story lines in Northrend. Switching to an Oceanic server (and an American account) would leave me with no options**.

I guess this is going to go as another one of those things I'm "considering", and then never do anything about, at least for now. You can be sure you'll be the first to know if anything changes.

* A lot of the DK skills do some base damage plus X damage per disease on the target.

** Except for the obvious one of creating even more alts there, who will all be low-level. Hardly an exciting prospect.

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