Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not a real post

In completely non-WoW related news, Feedburner decided to move my account to Google, meaning the feed link was changed. The old one should still work (redirect to the new link), but it could just as well stop at any time. If you have any problems, feel free to hit the updated link on the right.

Might as well blab a bit about last night too, just so you can't say this post is completely unrelated. Did some more running around Northrend on AlierahDK*, and ran Oculus again (as DPS, though). The run went pretty smooth, but there was one thing that happened that I wonder what the "proper" way to handle was... As I said, I wasn't tanking, although I offered to. Instead we had a Pally tank. We down the final boss, and a nice tanking ring drops which both me and the tank want. Now, if I were DPS-specced, it could have been argued that I shouldn't Need it since it's for an off-spec. If I were tanking, there wouldn't be any question - of course I could Need it. But what happens when it is for my spec but it isn't what I actually did in that run? In case you're wondering I ended up passing on it, since it wasn't such a big upgrade over my current tanking rings, but it's still an interesting question.

Also, when I mentioned the other day that I ran Utgarde Pinnacle, I must have been on something, because apparently I haven't been there yet. I did try to run it last night, but it seems like no one wants to go there, for some reason. I even called it Utgarde Pineapple to try and lure all the hungry people lurking on the LFG channel, but it didn't work. Maybe I should offer cookies.

* If I'm going to be playing both of them for a while I'll need some way to tell them apart, so from now on we have AlierahDK and AlierahP.

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