Monday, January 19, 2009

Instances galore

After being away on recent weekends, it was nice to finally have an entire weekend without plans. And no plans means one thing: WoW time!

So I got some glyphs for my DK, switched to Frost Presence and went tanking. What did we have there? Gundrak, Drak'tharon Keep, Utgarde Keep and Violet Hold all tanked successfully, and after turning in all the relevant quests my gear is starting to get where it should be for heroics.

While waiting for the instances I got a chance to do some more questing. I finished Zul'Drak and moved on to Sholazar - where apparently I chose to go with the Frenzyheart Tribe. Unlike BC Aldor/Scryer rep, where it is clearly stated on every quest that completing it will result in loss of rep for the "other" group, there wasn't even a mention of the 2 factions fighting so far. Oh well...

Following a discussion on Altaholic's Are Us I figured that commenting on a priest spec when mine had been stashed away since WotLK came out was a sorta ridiculous, so on Sunday I unpacked priest Alierah, cleared her quest log and bank and headed off to the Howling Fjord. I did some questing, which was OK but seemed a bit harder. Question is, harder than what? While I didn't die, or have any noticeable downtime between mobs, it seems like killing them is just taking a lot longer than it did in Outland or with my DK. Add to that the abundance of mobs that knockback, silence, etc. and it makes for less than ideal questing. And finally, it's hard going from a DK that can pretty much solo all the group quests to a squishy priest who can't solo anything*.

I did, however, get a chance to heal both Nexus and Utgarde Keep, both with no problems. We didn't finish Nexus, but that's mostly due to people not moving and dying to Keri's debuff. Both runs (as level 70) I never had a problem keeping the tank alive, never ran out of mana and never even got close to the tank's threat. I'm actually kinda glad I didn't get Silent Resolve when I respecced after 3.0... With the current state of tanking, that really is a waste of a talent. At the end of the day, Alierah was 71 with some nice new gear (both from instances / instance quests, and crafting some of the Frostwoven set.

Can't wait to see what I'll do next. =)

* I realize that it's ridiculous complaining about group content not being soloable. So what? It's my blog and I'll complain about anything I like. Or rather dislike.


KC said...

Re: The Frenzyheart — I thought the same thing when I started, and was kind of upset because I wanted to go Oracles, but the opening quests for both factions are part of a greater chain. If I say more, it'll probably spoil it, but don't worry too much about gaining rep with one or the other side yet. :-)

Esdras said...

I am loving instances too at the moment especially heroics i just cant get enough of them.

There is still some gear that is good for me too that is a bonus.

Tal said...

Not that I was awfully worries about it, but good to know. Thanks. =) And thanks for not spoiling things, too.

Gaming Diva said...

I felt the same way when I parked Indrakshi my hunter to knock out the last three levels on Holiterra, my Holy Priest. It takes a long time to kill anything. What helped was running a lot of instances. I was in a group mix of guildmates and some people I met via PUG's and we blasted through several instances whenever were online. It didn't take too long to ding 80. You might want to check to see whether there are any European guilds on your server. I know there are a lot on mine, and I've met several from the variety of PUG's I've been part of so I always have someone to run instances with regardless of the time.

Tal said...

There are plenty of European guilds on my realms, since they're European realms. What I need are Australian-ish guilds on European servers, which is a little harder to find (they usually get the US version of WoW there). Maybe I should just join a Chinese gold-farming guild - that's about the same time zone. =)