Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where'd he go this time?

- He's getting really bad at this whole posting thing, isn't he? Wonder what happened to him this time...

- Well, I've heard he was on a business trip (again) and took a vacation or something.

- Pfft, you call that a business trip? He just went to China to see Pandas.

- Yeah, but still... It's not like he had a lot of time for posting.

- HA! Didn't have time? You know I saw his Death Knight running around Northrend at level 75 the other day? How'd that happen if he didn't have any time?

- Well, fine. So he sucks, what do you want me to say?

- You can say that again. If I don't see a proper post from him this week, I'm taking him off my reader. That'll teach him to ignore his readers...

- Yeah. Maybe he could even tell us about tanking with the DK. I heard he tried to run Nexus and failed miserably. Who knows? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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