Monday, January 26, 2009

Heroics... Finally

Wanna hear a secret? I've never done heroics before... Not in WotLK and not in BC. But that's now changed. Over the weekend I finished running all the Northrend regular instances, and between quest rewards, drops and a few rep items I managed to get AlierahDK is finally uncrittable in heroics.

So to celebrate, I tried getting a group for the daily heroic (Oculus), but instead got invited to HoS. Yeah, why not? Heroics are heroics, even if I don't get the 2 extra badges from the daily quest. So in we go, and it started pretty well - we downed Maiden and the big rock thingy boss, and cleared everything for the event. The event itself, however, we just couldn't finish - too many mobs for me to hold aggro on at the same time, and we just didn't burn them down fast enough. After 3 or 4 tries we gave it up and called it a day. Too bad...

After that, I managed to get into an Oculus run. The whole run was fairly smooth, until the last boss. In the last boss, you fight riding drakes. No matter how well geared you are, or how good you are with your class, the drakes always have the same stats and same skills. No matter how many times we tried, how we changed drakes around, what strategy we tried - he just wouldn't go down. At least I remembered to take off my armor before trying him, so my repair bill wasn't that bad.

So where does that leave me? 0/2 on my first day tanking heroics. Kinda sucks... I can make excuses for it - Eregos wasn't about how well I tanked, and in HoS we didn't burn the mobs fast enough. But it feels like making excuses.

There is one thing I would like to complain about - DPS in heroics. While tanks have to gear up, to at least be uncrittable and have enough health that they don't get 1-shotted by bosses, and healers have to have enough spell power and mana to manage to heal the tanks, it seems like most of the DPS classes ding 80 and head straight for heroics. I don't use Recount, or any other addon to check DPS, but from what I've seen on Omen I constantly had 3 times more threat than the top DPS. I'm not that good a tank, so the only explanation is that the DPS were underperforming. And no, it's not just the Omen info I'm basing it on - a lot of them had never been to these instances (regular or heroic). How, then, did they gear up without instancing? Without access to regular instance drops and quest rewards, that would leave them with crafted items and grinding reps, but somehow I doubt they actually made the effort to do that. So, I don't know... The whole thing is kind of disheartening - if that's what I have to look forward to in heroics, then I'm gonna be giving up on it and retiring my DK pretty soon. Let's hope this was just bad luck, and that things will go smoother this week.


Esdras said...

I wouldnt go by Omen as all tanks can generate massive threat now a days.

Tal said...

True, but as I said, it's not *just* Omen. From listening to them, it's obvious that a lot of these people didn't make the slightest effort to gear up for heroics. That's the annoying thing...

Cryptography said...

Annoying, and probably the reason your groups failed.

Recount figures show most tanks at no 4 in dps in most "equivalently geared" groups, with the healer at no 5.

A DPS who finishes below the tank is in most cases being carried through on the skills of his party.

Holiterra: Holy Priest said...

If I were you I would definitely download Recount. It's an excellent addon and tells you a lot more of what's going on then just DPS. I use it for Holiterra and can keep track of her healing.

Yep, I've seen a lot of piss poor DPS in Heroic instances. I *think* some feel that they can just jump into Heroics at 80 without a problem, Wrong! Yesterday I was in GD, none of the DPS were pulling over 1400, and the lowest. His DPS was under 500. Naturally, we didn't finish that instance.

I never ran Heroics until I hit Northrend. I was geared by the time I started running the but I've ran with a lot of undergeared players.