Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy camper

Yes, that's me. Running WowMatrix yesterday showed new versions of SpartanUI and Bartender were available. I've been using Spartan since around the time 3.0.1 hit and I really liked it, but it had a couple of issues that were kind of annoying:
  • When I'd log on, all the bars would be in the wrong place. I'd have to load a different profile, and reload the SpartanUI profile for everything to get back in place.
  • When skills didn't have enough mana/rage/focus/etc. they'd get entirely blacked out instead of "blue".
  • The Death Knight's runes were often partially hidden by the ghoul portrait.
  • Death Knight rune power didn't update properly when not in battle.
  • "Exit Vehicle" buttons on the action bar would never work.
All of these are now fixed. Makes the game much more fun to play when things actually work the way they were intended. =)

In the meantime, DK Alierah is more or less done with Dragonblight, had tanked a few more instances (relatively low level, though, so it's not surprising I didn't have any problems) and reached level 79. Just a little more until I reach 80. What do I do then?

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