Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another day, another alt

So my 15 minutes of fame seem to have arrived, in the form of a post by Mania. That finally convinced me to start a blog of my own - let's just hope I can keep it up better than I do my alts. As the name of the blog suggests, I am another proud member of Altaholics Anonymous (it's OK - no one actually reads this blog, so I'm still anonymous), currently brandishing 27 different characters (not counting old deleted ones and bank alts) according to the WoW forums - although I think I have a couple more that are just too shy to make an appearance there. And none of them are 70. How lame is that? My40+ toons at the moment are:
  • Lathiria - 65 NE Druid, recently switched from Feral to Balance. Still working on getting proper gear for the new spec so I can actually do some serious damage.
  • Dorni - My pre-BC 60 Dwarf Protection Warrior. Used to be my main, until I stopped playing a little after BC was released. I just didn't feel like getting back to him when I started playing again after 2.3 hit.
  • Cait - 42 Human Warlock. Stuck somewhere down in Stranglethorn, waiting for me to brush off the dust and do something useful with her.
  • Lilanis - 41 Draenai Hunter, and recent owner of an undead midget spider.
Looking over at that list, it just occured to me that they're all alliance... Guess I should pick up one of my 30ish horde toons and move up in the world. It would be nice to see some new quests instead of going through the same ones with another alliance character, for a change. I guess now the only question would be which one? Maybe Lindira - my 30 Forsaken (pun intended) Mage. Then again, doing the 30-40 range now with the upcoming patch changing mounts to level 30 is a little silly. I guess this calls for the tried and true method of starting another toon - hopefully the patch will be applied by the time she reaches 30.

Now, I'm sure you're all wondering what this blog will be about (other than "look, it's a new alt" posts). Well, so am I. I guess we'll have to just wait and see.


Mania said...

Welcome to the fold. :>

Tal said...

Why, thankee. :)
Now to see if I can actually keep it up. So far, so good...

Gwaendar said...

Belated welcome to the wow blogosphere from a fellow AA member