Thursday, July 10, 2008

I just don't get some people

So there I was, running through the barrens, when looking over my quest list I realized I had pretty much all the Wailing Caverns quests (except for the 2 you can get from the "skull"), and figured I might as well give it a shot - gear drops and quest rewards in the Barrens are nothing to write home about, so I figured it would be a nice boost (no, not that kind of boost - I'm poor, remember?). Especially if I can finish the "main" quest and get my hands (or at least one hand) on Wingblade.

So into LFG-land I go, and after a couple of false starts (groups that disbanded without making it to the meeting stone) finally got a seemingly nice group. We had a mage, a rogue, another warrior (who was higher level and had very nice gear) wanting to tank and a paladin to tend our wounds.

So I happily go in, brandishing my 2 axes when I notice our mighty warrior is tanking with a 2-handed sword in Battle Stance. Hey, if it works... Except it doesn't - pally and mage keep stealing aggro. Luckily, our tin can of healing could take care of himself, and keep us all alive.

We take down Cobrahn without much trouble, and go looking for Anacondra. Just as we find her, our Rogue goes AFK for a couple of minutes, but our fearless warrior is getting itchy. So in he goes, charging the boss dragging us all into the fight alongside him. Anacondra dies, with the Rogue AFK. Our warrior suddenly grows a conscience, and decides not to loot until the Rogue comes back. Now, I don't know WWBRKD, but I'm not about to let her despawn taking my gem with her. So we vote, and decide to loot. So of course she drops the Serpent's Shoulders, that only the Rogue could use. Pally gets upset that we screwed the rogue and hearths away, leaving us with no healer. But that's not enough for such determined adventurers as us, oh no...

We do some looking and find us a priest willing to heal. Great! We reset the instance, so the priest doesn't miss anything and go in once again. 1 or 2 fights into the instance and it's getting more and more obvious that our big cow just can't get the job done and protect our pajamas-wearing friends. So what does one do? Not wanting to cause too much drama, I quietly equip my shield, and take over tanking myself. A little harder than it used to be back in Dorni's days, but still I think I did a fairly decent job (we managed to keep a pretty good pace, and no clothies were harmed during filming). So, we kill Cobrahn again, and this time wait with Anacondra in favor of the other bosses.

Fast-forward to the mighty Lord Pythas. Standing there, so full of himslef, with a druid and a tree elemantal guarding him. Warrior suggests sapping the druid and polymorphing the elemental - nope, can't do that. OK, so sap the elemental and sheep the druid - no, not gonna happen either. So we settle for just sapping the druid. Rogue saps, and our mage sheeps Pythas (who didn't resist, yippee!). I dutifully head for elemental, when our cow figures it's OK for him to go ahead and charge the boss (bye bye little harmless sheep). He then goes on to Thunder Clap - completely useless against casters since it only slows down attacks, but it does have the added benefit of breaking sap. Of course, that wasn't a big enough mess, so the instance threw in a patrol to speed things along. So big cow is fighting 2 druids, I'm tanking a tree and a druid, and the mage and rogue are doing their thing, when the warrior has the nerve to ask "Why don't you heal me?" (no, he didn't use proper spelling and grammar, I apologize for the inaccuracy) after getting us into this whole mess. Still, it wasn't that bad... We only had 1 casualty (guess who? of course, me), and after the res went on our merry way. So what do you think, smooth sailing from here on? Of course not...

We go on a little further, and the rogue has to go. No biggie, we should be able to 4-man it, so we keep going. Then we get into a fight, fairly ordinary, no near-deaths, no runners, no patrols, nothing. Except that for whatever reason, the priest decides to shield me. I wasn't about to die or anything, so I'm not sure why I deserved such special treatment. I politely ask "Please don't shield me, I can't get enough rage that way", and then the world exploded. OK, so it didn't, but we got into an argument about whether he should or shouldn't shield me, ending in him leaving the group and HSing out (kind if a waste, isn't it? I mean, if you leave the group you'll get kicked to your home anyway, so why waste the HS?). And it wasn't that big of an argument. No name calling, no one was being rude, it was a fairly intelligent argument (well, not including the stupid remarks from the cow about why I didn't let him tank seeing that he has a better weapon)... But he just up and left. Would someone mind telling WTF? I mean, OK, it's not the nicest thing to do, telling someone how to play their class, but what has the world (of warcraft) come to, if you can't even make one small suggestion without breaking up the party?

Needless to say, it didn't go very far from there... We got through a few more fights, and after dying we decided to call it at that. So I finished up whatever quests I could outside the instance (Trouble at the Docks, Serpentbloom, and Deviate Hides) and went my own way. A shame, though. The 2 quests that would have given me useful rewards remain 3/4 done... I still need the final gem and to kill me some Deviate Dreadfangs. Missed the "waking up Naralex" thing too... :S

Oh, well, there'll always be other chances.

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