Friday, July 25, 2008

A Quick Update

As I'm sure you're all having trouble sleeping not knowing what happened with Mokla, here's a quick update.

Last we heard of our "hero", she was in Orgrimmar looking for some people to help her kill Roogug in Razorfen Kraul. You see, he had a Vial of Phlogiston I needed in order to get my Brutal Armor, and he just wouldn't hand it over.

I finally find a group with a Priest ("Oh, no, I'm shadow, I can't heal" and "I need to kill things for Spirit Tap"), a Shaman and 2 Mages. The priest turned out to be a bad healer and a ninja (needing on Mail boots which would have been an upgrade for me) so we kicked him, but we weren't going to give up that easily. We kept going, just the 4 of us, with the Shaman taking over healing and it went... Well, OK. Not great, by any means. We killed us a couple of bosses, and then died on a trash fight. For some reason, despite having 2 mages in the group and 2 targets to sheep, only 1 sheep popped up and even that wasn't renewed when it wore off. I mean, seriously, if I can keep up with tanking 3 mobs, the least you can do is sheep 1. After dying the Shaman announced that he has to leave for work, effectively breaking up the party.

There didn't seem to be many others who were interested in a run, so I resorted to the trade channel to ask for a boost (I really hate doing that, but sometimes you just don't have a choice). A very nice 54 Rogue was willing to help me, on the condition that I don't pay him, which was fine by me. We went in, got a little lost, found some nice shoulders for me to wear, killed Roogug, and after asking again if he was sure he doesn't want the money, we both went our separate ways.

From there, I went to hand in the quest, and get the three quests for the other armor pieces. I went to talk to the 3 quest-givers (in Thuder Bluff, Sen'jin Village and Undercity) and called it a night. That was 2 nights ago? Something like that.

Then yesterday I took care of all 3 quests (the Wetlands are a bit out of the way for us hordies), and after handing them in I had a nice helmet (the Gauntlets and Leggings went to the bank). Then I went out to the Thousand Needles, took care of most of the errands I could find there, and called it a night in Orgrimmar.

This weekend I'll probably pick Enara back up and finish up with the Ghostlands, and then... I still haven't decided. I'm thinking of maybe only doing instances with her (and class quests, of course), as an experiment to see what sort of gear she has compared to the alts I'm leveling solo. I'm just afraid it'll be too painful. *grin* Well, I guess we'll see...


Cynra said...

Ewww, you were boosted? That's it, I can't associate with you any more! <disdainful sniff>

I've helped people by running them through instances before. And I absolutely refuse to take gold as well. I've got a soft spot for neophyte players, so if it looks like one I'll go out of my way to help; all of those others poor schmucks can fend for themselves!

Tal said...

Like I said in the post, I really don't like getting boosted. For me, instances are fun for 2 reasons: quests/storylines, or the company. Boosting is usually very fast, not leaving much time for talking, RPing, or enjoying your surroundings. Even when I was in guilds, I'd prefer doing an instance with similar-level guildies/alts than having some higher level carry me through.
I don't know, maybe it's a psychological thing - Mokla is a tank, she's supposed to be shouldering a lot of the work in an instance group and not carrying the wheelbarrow...

Unfortunately, the time difference between me and the EU servers is 7 hours. At that point, it was around around midnight, and I just wanted to get my class quest over with.

Oh, and one last thing about the money. I know some people don't like to take money for these things, and that's fine. But for me, when I get a boost I'm taking up somebody else's time which I'm sure he can find a better use for. The least I can do is try to repay in whatever way I can. As the one giving boosts, I usually leave the payment issue to the end - if the one I helped was nice and I had fun I usually won't take the money, but if the whole instance goes by without a single word ("hlp" doesn't count) I have no problem taking their money.