Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gee, what a surprise - it's another alt

As I mentioned yesterday, I decided to wait with leveling Mokla until the patch hits. So what else is there to do? You got it, start a new alt.

So let's welcome Enara to the fold. Enara is an Undead Mage, currently staying at the Fairbreeze Village inn at level 12, and for now I'm taking her down the fire tree. My other mages, although abandoned around their late 20s - early 30s, are all chilly and this time I think I just want to blow things up. Worst case, I can always respec...

I do however have 1 compaint (as if we didn't see that coming). Everyone says mages have an easy life with an endless supply of food and water. Bullshit! Mages, as we all know, drink like camels. Food isn't that important, since you shouldn't get hure that much (and usually a quick bandage fixes you right up), but water... Mages need water, and lots of it. So let's look a little closer at our free water.

Conjure Water - Rank 1 is obtained at level 4, creating Conjured Water that refill 151 mana. At level 4 I had almost 250 mana, and at 6 slightly over 300. Is this some kind of joke? It's not enough I have to sit down to drink so often, I also have to drink 2 drinks just to fill up my mana? That's ridiculous. The only "real" option here (for those of us who don't like watching their alt sit around drinking fake water), is to buy some Ice Cold Milk at level 5 and laugh at all the other mages who have 3 times your downtime. If you're waiting for Conjured Fresh Water, which are the equivalent you'll be waiting all the way to level 10, where you can get by with it, but does anyone really think it'll be enough when you're 19? I doubt it. So it's back to the vendor at 15, for some yummy Melon Juice. And it'll be like that throughout the leveling process. New conjure water ranks are learned at 20, 30, 40, etc. while vendor drinks are available at 15, 25, 35, etc., always 5 levels ahead* - and when you're talking about mages (or priests or warlocks) with huge mana pools they can't actually wait so long.

The one exception to this rule is that as far as I know, there is no easily obtainable water for level 55 - you can only get Star's Lament from BGs or Hyjal Nectar from drops. Then again, Conjure Water - Rank 7 is only available at level 60, when you can already get Filtered Draenic Water. And in fact, since you can then get Purified Draenic Water at 65, it pretty much makes conjured water entirely useless once you hit 60.

So I'm starting a protest. Until Blizzard fixes the cojured water situation, I am not training any more ranks of Conjure Water on any of my mages (too bad I can't untrain the ones I already have). That'll show 'em.


Cynra said...

I've recently been leveling my third mage (I seem to be suffering from altitis a lot these days, too!) and haven't noticed as much of an issue with her as I did her fiery conterparts. The Frost tree has some wonderful talents for mana efficiency and once I hit forty points in that tree, I fully plan on grabbing some points in the Arcane tree for added mana efficiency.

As someone who has played a bevvy of priests, mana/rage/combo point efficiency is a big thing with most of the characters I play!

One thing that I've found fun and interesting is that while the Fire tree did make things blow up in delicious explosions of happiness, the Frost tree seems to be the big Spell Crit tree. Many of the talents there inrease the chance to crit, resulting in much spikier damage that I was accustomed to when I played my two Fire mages. It's been a lot of fun!

Tal said...

My point is that drink more or less, you still have to drink. And when you do, the conjured stuff just doesn't cut it.

About the frost crits, I guess I haven't got that deep in the Frost tree in a long time - I might give it a shot. But for now, I really do just want to blow stuff up. :)

Tal said...

So Enara hit 20 last night. I could finally train water that will regenerate 836 mana. Yay! Except that my total mana was 1186. How is that even close to being enough?