Monday, July 7, 2008

Of all the stupid reasons...

It wasn't that long ago, I said I'd roll me a new hordie. And I meant it. I did. So why didn't I?

This is going to sound really stupid. Hell, it even sounds stupid to me... Auctioneer.

Wait, what? What on earth could that have to do with rolling a new alt? Well, as it is, my "morning routine" already involves scanning 3 auction houses, all of them on "alliance servers". There's a limit to how much time I'm willing to waste while Auctioneer does its thing, and adding yet another server to the list of servers that need to be scanned... That's just too much.

But come on, is that really a good enough reason? Well, I guess not, since last night brought about the birth of a my new Orc warrior, Mokla. I know, I said it would be a mage. So sue me...

I've been doing some reading lately about fury warriors, and figured it might be interesting to see what it's like leveling one (Dorni, bless his heart, was full protection from the day he was born all the way up to 60. Talk about torment). So I created her, started playing and left her logged out at level 18 in Camp Taurajo. Not bad for one evening of play (Having this many alts at least has 1 advantage - you know all the starting zones like the back of your hand). Still haven't gotten to the fun part, but it's only 2 levels away. I have noticed that she dies a lot. Not sure if it's because I suck, or if that's just how warriors are, or maybe they just need a constant supply of health potions (I ran out fairly early in the evening and kept forgetting to buy more... *sigh*). I guess time will tell...

In the meantime, happy birthday Mokla, and good luck finding Mankirk's wife.

* I realize DW/Fury may not be the best/fastest choice for leveling, and that there are a lot of proponents for going 2H/Arms (or even 2H/Fury). However, there's no argument that it's, at the very least, decent for leveling (unlike Protection *cough cough*). In the end it came down to what, in my eyes, fits the character. Mokla is a bloodthirsty berserker, with an axe in each hand eager to kick someone's ass.

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