Friday, July 4, 2008

Where's my gear?

Another semi-rant. Again, about Lilanis. Doesn't really feel like a blog about alts, does it? Oh, well. I guess I just have to get it out of my system.

So Lilanis is at a very interesting place in her life, being in her early 40s. I like hitting 40, it usually allows access to some interesting talents (assuming you've been focusing on 1 specific tree), new skills and, of course the mount. At least until Blizz make the mounts level 30. It gets even more interesting when you're a warrior, pally, shaman or... You guessed it - hunter. Good bye icky-smelling leather. Hello cold hard metal. Now, obviously, having access to more armor is good thing. But it also means I now have to replace everything I'm wearing, and with the number of alts I have I can't actually afford buying armor off the AH. So I make do with the occasional lucky drop or, more importantly, quest rewards. And this is where I start ranting...

One expects quest rewards to be useful. In all the time I've been playing the game, I have not once seen a Cloth item with +str on it as a quest rewars. Why? Because it's useless. It's vendor trash by definition. But when you hit 40 you run into a strange situation: rewards are obviously geared towards characters who are in their 40+ (as evidenced by the abundance of plate armor you can get), except that I've not yet received 1 decent piece of hunter mail armor. Practically everything I get has +str on it, and even the few items that do have +agi simply aren't as good as the leather items I can get. Just as an example, I was really happy to get my Golden Helm, only to replace it 5 minutes later with the Skirmisher's Cover*. I mean, seriously, at this level there are 2 classes that should be using mail - hunters and shaman. Considering that alliance didn't actually have shaman when these quests were designed, I would have expected a lot more hunter oriented gear.

I hereby issue an ultimatum to Blizzard - fix my loot, or else... Uhmm... Or else I reroll again. Yeah, that'll show 'em. *sigh*

* That was actually a pretty tough call. I like the stat bonuses on the cover a lot better, but the armor bonus is, obviously, much smaller. But even being on a PvP server, most of my fighting is solo with my pet tanking so the stats ended up deciding it for me.

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