Thursday, July 17, 2008

You you thought it was going to be easy...

There I was, all ready and eager to go get Mokla her mount, so of course Darkmoon Faire had the honor of having its maintenance extended further. So I took Lilanis out for a spin, running around through Tanaris clearing some quests and leveling Ssgra and Tora. I got the feeling, for some reason, that Ssgra couldn't hold aggro as well as she used to. It could be due to the Growl changes, but I doubt it. Since my gear isn't that good, I don't see how I could have enough RAP to effect Growl... I'm going to assume it's all in my mind, and that everything is OK.

After a (not-so-) short Sushi break, I could finally log on to Mokla. I guess I didn't expect the patch so soon, and wanted to make sure she stays 29 in case I decide to take her to battlegrounds, so I found I was only 1.5 bubbles into 29. *sigh*

Well, conveniently enough, it seems like last time I parked her at the inn, was after exterminating most of the population of Hillsbrad, but there were still some survivors holed up in the City Hall. So off I go, making the long run from Tarren Hill to Hillsbrad one last time, and start killing anyone I can find, when I notice the town registry lying on the floor. Mokla isn't much of a reader, but it's sometimes nice to be able to know the names of the people you've just mutilated. But going over it, it seems like it contains a lot more names than I remember killing - I just couldn't let that stand. Luckily, there was still one old councilman alive to interrogate, that "agreed" to tell me there are a lot of workers hiding in the Azureload Mine. What a coincidence, I still needed to get some Powdered Azurite to make my Brutal Armor, so I managed to kill 2 birds at the same time.

But, of course, that wasn't the end of the story. Going through the mines, I also encountered some dwarves. Talk about unexpected... So back to Tarren Mill we go, and after some consulting with Darthalia, I decided "I started this, I may as well go through with it". I mean, I'm not a racist - I hate humans, dwarves and gnomes the same. *grin*

On a side note, I think this was the first time I actually did that part of the quest chain, and got the final reward, so it was nice to see how it all ends.

Anyway, that together with some other small quests was just enough to ding 30 in Undercity handing in the quest, and could happily go take care of important business in Orgrimmar. Kind of neat, that everything in this case was pretty close together. In 5 minutes I got my mount, learned how to Smelt Iron (to make the Iron Bars for my armor), trained new skills, got my class quest, and finally went and got a bed at the inn.

The plan is to take care of all those class quests today, and then get back to adventuring in style - with Breserker Stance and all the different Brutal Armor pieces. Of course, seeing as I need to go into RFK to get the hauberk, and that opens up the other pieces, that may not actually happen.

But, as always, the fun of making plans is in changing them...

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