Friday, July 18, 2008

WoW hates me...

There I was, all excited about finally being a real berserker - logged in to Orgrimmar, headed straight to the flight master, and... Flew to the Crossroads. Only after being well on my way did the thought "But I could've flown to to Ratchett" come up. Oh, well, at least I didn't have to do it running. So I get to the island, hand in the preliminary quest, get the follow-up - and the game hangs.

Reboot, login, and the game hangs immediately. *sigh* Reboot again, disable all addons, abandon the quest (since it's timed, and the timer ran out by now), get it again, enter the ring and the quest is bugged... One of the guys is supposed to call out telling challengers to go in and fight you - he did the calling part alright, but no enemies spawned. Isn't that great? So, abandon again, get the quest again, and finally it seemed to work. A bit hard, but luckily there was a very nice bovine druid there that helped me (thanks a lot :) ).

Anyway, next up in the order of business - RFK. Of course, with my luck no one actually wants to go in there. I tried going in solo, but the first fight was too much to handle, and I bolted for the exit. At this point I was getting pretty pissed off with the game, and just went to Freewind Post and logged off for the night. Here's hoping I have beter luck over the weekend.

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